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The mission of Champion Autism Network is to raise autism awareness, provide traditional family experiences modified for those with autism and to inspire action in support of people with autism and their families.

The Yes You CAN Talk talk radio show on 94.5 FM Myrtle Beach strives to be a voice for autism.  A resource for people and families dealing with autism and an awareness raiser for the general public, the show will have compelling topics and interviews with segments on Health & Wellness, Advocacy, Leisure and Events and news.

Meet our hosts and contributor:


Becky Large

Founder and Executive Director of Champion Autism Network, Becky Large (AKA Beckster), will be one of the hosts for Yes You CAN Talk. Becky embodies that “Yes You CAN” spirit.  She has been leaping hurdles and breaking through barriers since creating CAN back in 2012: raising awareness, inspiring action, and providing a supportive network for families with children on the spectrum.  Originally from Riverton, NJ, Becky is a business and marketing consultant, a natural speaker and an effective champion and advocate for autism awareness and inclusion. The Yes You CAN Talk talk show provides another outlet for this articulate “Voice for Autism” to inform, educate, entertain and grow the CAN community.  Click here to connect with her on LinkedIn.


Michael Large

Host Michael Large (AKA Largie) is an autism dad, CAN board member and attorney whose practice focuses on special needs and elder law.  Michael will share his personal and professional experience as a father of a high functioning autistic son and special needs advocate and attorney.  His goal is to provide support and hope to the parents of those with autism.  Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.


Katie Kraft

Program Manager for Champion Autism Network and show host, Katie Kraft (AKA TBD), is a motivated and driven autism mom.  Smart, engaging and funny, she is passionate about providing information and resources for those with autism and their families and will cover topics ranging from IEP support, therapy options and other support services locally and beyond.  Katie hopes to help families learn more about what options are available to help them on their journey. Katie is married and has two children, one with autism.  Click here to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Eden Alon

Intriguing, provocative and philosophical-like no one I’ve ever met-Eden Alon (AKA Ched) shares his journey with life as a High Functioning Autistic individual.  The segment’s title, Out of the Cave,  comes from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  Eden plans on illuminating us with his experience, perspective and commentary.  Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.

To everyone I meet whether they have an autistic child or not. We are always telling people about the organization and all they do.
- Adam & Shannon Ashe

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