Ruck For Autism

#YesYouCAN Ruck for Autism


Join Nick DeStefano and F3 Grand Strand Wave Rucker Club in the Yes You CAN Ruck for Autism on (or before) Sunday, October 20th. October 20th is the Myrtle Beach mini-marathon when members of F3GrandStrand will ruck (or run) the 13.1 miles at 0700, but you can complete the 13.1-mile ruck virtually any time between today and then.

What is rucking?  For those unfamiliar with this, it’s simply walking while carrying a weighted backpack.  Rucking is both physically and mentally challenging and offers a multitude of health benefits.  This specific ruck will also offer you an opportunity to financially support CAN.

With a donation of $25, and a pledge to complete a virtual 13.1-mile ruck any time between today and October 20, 2019, you will receive this custom 2×3 #YesYouCAN ruck patch. Click Below to register and #ComeRuckWithUs!



The autism awareness training presented by the Champion Autism Network was one of the best workshops I have attended in years. The presenter did a great job is presenting the information in an engaging way. I now have a better appreciation of the issues faced by families with a member “on the spectrum.
- Mary Jeffcoat, Myrtle Beach City Council

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