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Becky Large

Founder and Executive Director of Champion Autism Network, Becky embodies that “Yes You CAN” spirit.  She has been leaping hurdles and breaking through barriers since creating CAN back in 2012: raising awareness, inspiring action, and providing a supportive network for families with children on the spectrum.  Originally from Riverton, NJ, Becky is a business and marketing consultant, a natural speaker and an effective champion and advocate for autism awareness and inclusion. The Yes You CAN Talk talk show provides another outlet for this articulate “Voice for Autism” to inform, educate, entertain and grow the CAN community.  Click here to connect with her on LinkedIn.


Uplifting, fun and insightful, Wynn Godbold is the creator of the I’m Possible Lifestyle. She helps clients transform from living with obstacles that feel impossible to living their I’m Possible Life. She is an author, coach, and independent certified John Maxwell Leadership trainer.  Wynn has been on the Board for the Champion Autism Network since 2018. She re-vamped and expanded their training program, taking it to the national stage and currently serves as the Vice President of the Board.  Click here to connect with her on LinkedIn

Eden Alon

Intriguing, provocative and philosophical-like no one I’ve ever met-Eden Alon (AKA Ched) shares his journey with life as a High Functioning Autistic individual.  His segment’s title, Me & Autism, is about exploring individuals who have autism and their life story with it. The inspiration for this segment comes from the fact that Autism Spectrum Disorder comes in many shapes and forms in different people. That those same people will have unique accounts about living with autism they can share with the globe. This segment will invite individuals who have autism to come into the show and talk about their experiences with autism and any stereotypes they had to endure. It will give the guest of the segment the “microphone” and to hopefully empower people with autism to make their stories recorded for the world to hear.  Eden plans on illuminating us with his experience, perspective and commentary.  Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Nicole Young-Cline

Contributor and sponsor, Nicole Young-Cline is the owner and director of Young Talkers, a speech therapy clinic established in Myrtle Beach in 2007. The speech-language pathologists at Young Talkers work with many children on the autism spectrum.  Nicole is a tremendous asset to the autism community, supporting organizations for children with special needs.  She is also involved with special needs ministries in local churches to provide these families an opportunity to attend church.  Nicole will be talking about different therapies provided by Young Talkers and how they could be beneficial for children in the community including the families in the Champion Autism Network.  Nicole is married and stays very busy with her two wonderful children.  Click here to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Excellent presentation and I learned a lot. I very much appreciate the opportunity to sit in on this.
- Ron Andrews, Special Projects Manager, City of Myrtle Beach

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