OUR Vision

We believe in a world where all people living with autism CAN live, work, and play without judgment, guilt, or worry.

OUR Mission

We educate and empower communities, businesses, and organizations to create supportive and judgment-free experiences that enhance the quality of life for people living with autism.

OUR CORE values

We believe in leading with love to set an example of the possibilities that open up for all of us when we replace judgment with love.
We value the transformational power of caring and compassionate people and we actively empower them to serve as autism leaders and champions in their families and communities around the world.
We value the power of acceptance in creating a better world where people living with autism can be free from the anxiety and isolation of being judged and can experience self-acceptance.
We value playfulness as an important part of life and vitality; we believe the quality of life for people living with autism benefits from the joy, fun, and levity that come from playful experiences.