In the News

One of the missions of the Champion Autism Network is to generate knowledge and awareness of the joys and challenges of a family affected by autism.  Some of our efforts in this cause have been in the news, click on the highlighted links to see the results:

Associated Press, April 2, 2018, World Autism Awareness Day–

Associated Press, April 12, 2017,


August 23, 2016

July Issue She Magazine, She Inspires, page 53

July 20, 2016, CAN on River Talk with Banana Jack

July 14, 2016,  Surfside Beach mother meets with first responders about autism awareness

June 13, 2016, What Surfside Beach Did For Us On Our Spring Vacation.  Rave reviews from a family traveling from NYC!!

April 7, 2016, Flying is Hard for Kids on the Spectrum. This Airport Is Helping to Change That.  The Autism Site.

March 28, 2016, Businesses Support Surfside Beach Autism initiative with #YesYouCAN card:

March 16, 2016, Local Emergency Responders Trained to Better Handle Autism:

March 14, 2016, Myrtle Beach Airport goes Autism Friendly!:

Parent Magazine:  Hooray! Carolina Town Will Become First Autism-Friendly Vacation Spot

February 10, 2016:  Looking For An Autism-Friendly Vacation? This Town Wants You To Visit

Thinking Persons Autism Guide, February 2, 2016:
A Vacation Destination for Autistic People And Their Families: Surfside Beach, SC John Ordover interviews Becky Large about the initiative to make Surfside Beach SC, Autism Friendly.

Travel & Leisure, January 14, 2016: South Carolina’s Surfside Beach Wants to Be the First Autism-Friendly Destination

January 12, 2016

Jamuary 12, 2016: Surfside Beach aims to become Autism Friendly Destination

January 12 2016: Surfside Beach works to become Autism Friendly

January 12, 2016: Surfside Beach votes for Autism Friendly

January 30, 2015:  Sensory Friendly Movies

October 8, 2015:  Fund raising for Sensory Friendly Movies

November 12, 2015:  Autism Friendly dining

November 16, 2015:  Sensory Friendly Movies

December 2015:  Sensory Friendly Santa