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Why is the CAN Card training program important to your business and the area?

The goal is to increase economic opportunity, especially in the shoulder months.  Autism families are extremely loyal. Children/people on the spectrum crave routine and familiar surroundings. Once a family has had a successful visit to your establishment, you can bet they will be back AND tell their friends about the experience.

The population is growing. From 1 in 120 in 2010 to 1 in 59 in 2018.

Become CAN Certified:

What does certified vs. participating mean? CAN Certified means that we have personally met with the management of the business, walked through the property and business procedures, discussed and confirmed the accommodations, discount and/or service the business is committed to making, provided autism awareness seminars for their employees and helped to develop a plan for team communication should an episode occur.

CAN Participating means we have personally met with the management of the business, walked through the business, provided a document for employees to have some awareness of what they might encounter and confirmed a discount or a service that the business is committed to making.

Why get Certified?

One negative review or experience from an employee/business that was not trained could cost you a lot in the negative press. Having the CAN training and support, as well as that of the MBACC can be of tremendous help in such a situation. Local and tourist families from near and far are planning trips to the area because of our dedication to their families and their specific sensory needs and accommodations.

In partnership with the MBACC and MBAHA, Champion Autism Network’s autism-friendly travel destination initiative is growing with national and international recognition.  Training for management and staff at restaurants, hotels and venues is available for businesses wanting to support this loyal and growing community.

A training package has been developed with ABA therapist provider South Carolina Interventionists and Bee Sharp Professional Training to ensure your organization has the information and support to provide families dealing with autism an enjoyable experience during their stay with you.

The fee-for-service training package includes:

  • An on-site consultation, touring of the facility, review of procedures and processes, accommodation suggestions, meeting with key employees and discussing a plan of implementation.
  • Support just a phone call away
  • A CAN badge for your website
  • A CAN Certified sticker for your establishment window
  • A listing on the CAN website indicating you’ve completed the training with contact information and link to your website.
  • A press release announcing your business’ participation in the CAN program.
  • The ability to state you are an autism-friendly business on your MBACC business listing.

It is important to note that not all businesses and restaurants are conducive to being sensory friendly, but being autism aware and having support from the entire community is paramount.

Contact us today to become CAN Certified


Sponsor a sensory friendly event, like our monthly movies or Birthday Bowling Bashes, or one of our fund raisers.

We want to give our kids the experience most other kids have, even if it is emotionally draining, and programs like this make us feel as if we are not alone.
- Andy Reithel

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