The CAN Board

Image: Becky Large

Becky Large
Executive Director

From Riverton, NJ, Becky and her family arrived in Surfside Beach in 2012. A marketing and business consultant, she has a child with high-functioning autism. After relocating, it was apparent there were organizations that supported the child with autism, but no real support for the families. Champion Autism Network was born from that realization. Becky is driven to provide families dealing with autism a “traditional” family experience—whether that be a movie, meal at a restaurant or family vacation--modified for those with autism. Becky is married to Michael Large, has two sons and a precious puppy named Pepper.

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Image: Don Stevens

Don Stevens

Born and raised in Baltimore, Don Stevens graduated from Friends school and then U of Richmond. He worked in jewelry management with corporations before owning his own store for 24 years in Richmond. While in Richmond Don served on the board of directors with the Richmond ARC which serves autistic and developmentally challenged individuals. He also served on the board of Northstar Academy for autistic children K-12 and post grad vocation. Don was impacted by
Becky Large when she spoke to the Chicora Rotary Club and decided to lend a hand. Don is interested in the growth of CAN to better serve the families dealing with autism. The awareness of the community can lead to a more friendly and helpful lifestyle for these families.

Image: Mike Large

Michael Large

Michael Large is originally from a sleepy little ski town in the Appalachian Mountains of northern New Jersey. He eventually went to law school in Philadelphia and met his future wife, Becky, while working in the city as an attorney. After getting married, Mike and Becky had two sons. In 2012, they moved to South Carolina where Mike is the elder law unit head at South Carolina Legal Services—a non-profit law firm representing low income South Carolina residents in a wide range of civil legal matters. He works collaboratively with local community, state, and national aging organizations to protect the rights of vulnerable adults. Mike is a member of the South Carolina Bar Elder Law Committee and serves as Co-Chair of the Guardianship/Conservatorship sub-committee. He is also a member of the Vulnerable Adult Task Force and serves on the Board of Directors for the Champion Autism Network.

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Image:  Kevin Parry

Kevin Parry

Originally from Ballston Spa NY, Kevin moved to Myrtle Beach in 1995 to attend Coastal Carolina University and works in Financial Aid & Scholarships at the University. He has two nephews on the spectrum with whom he spends a lot of time. When asked what made him want to work with CAN he said, “I loved that CAN was doing something different for families with autistic children. Their projects and events have a direct impact on families and I was excited to be involved in that.”

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Image: Wynn Godbold

Wynn Godbold

I am from Hanahan, SC but have lived longer in Myrtle Beach than anywhere else. It is home.

I change lives through professional training and personal development. My company is Bee Sharp Professional Training.  I assist the Champion Autism Network with training employees in Autism friendly businesses.

The day I heard Becky speak with passion about helping families with Autism I was hooked. Being able to make a big impact by leading with love made sense to me!

Thank you for supporting the families and mission of CAN.

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Image:  Sherrie Glensky

Sherrie Glensky

Originally a Jersey girl, Sherrie got married and raised her family in the suburbs of Philadelphia and claims Philly as her home. She is a reformed CPA and currently reviews restaurants as the Food Correspondent for South Carolina Woman Magazine in the monthly Food for Thought section. Sherrie has a 29-year old son with Asperger’s and was actively involved with educating herself on the syndrome and advocating for him for services. She feels lucky that the school system was
very progressive and that her son got many of the services he needed as well as nurturing teachers. Active in school, Sherrie’s son ran cross county, ran track and was on the swim team in high school. He was also active with Boy Scouts and attained the rank of Eagle Scout before his 18th birthday. What made Sherrie want to work with CAN? She states, “Their mission to make the world a better
place for those with autism through education and understanding. I know what I went through when there was not a lot known about autism and the frustration in not knowing what to do. I am also a huge fan and supporter of Becky Large and amazed in what she has accomplished in our community.”

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Michele DiVeterano

Michele DiVeterano

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Michele DiVeterano is an Owner’s Representative
Construction Project Manager. She is the Founder and Previous Past Chairwoman of the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), which recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. PAWS has grown to offer three no-kill shelters, a foster care network, and special events and finds loving homes for thousands of animals each year. Michele’s brings years of non-profit experience to the CAN board. What made her want to work with CAN? “Becky’s vision and drive to make our communities a more welcoming and wonderful place for families who have a loved one with

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Image:  Harry Giordano

Harry Giordano

Harry Giordano from Philadelphia, PA is Director of Development for Variety the Children’s Charity which specializes in advancing the lives of children and young adults with disabilities. Over 50% of the children and young adults they serve at Variety Club are on the spectrum. Additionally, Harry has family and friends dealing with challenges resulting from developmental disabilities. Why CAN? He says, “my respect for the cause and moreover my professional and personal respect for the founder. I have had the pleasure of knowing Becky Large for over 12 years and know without a shadow of a doubt with her in charge, change will happen and quickly.”

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Image:  Sammy Truett

Sammy Truitt

Sammy Truett, Vice President of Moore & Associates Insurance of Surfside, moved from Florence SC to Surfside Beach in 1991. As Chairman of the Surfside Beach Business Committee, Sammy was instrumental in having Surfside Beach declared the First Autism Friendly Travel Destination after the idea was proposed by Becky in 2015. Learning more about autism, its growing prevalence and needs of the families through Becky’s advocacy efforts compelled him to join the CAN Board.

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