Myrtle Beach International Airport Quiet Room

If you didn’t already know, TSA has a program, TSA Cares, for individuals in need of passenger support.  Travelers can contact TSA 72 hours prior to traveling and a Passenger Support Specialist will be assigned to them to provide on-the-spot assistance. The following link has the email and phone number:

The Quiet Room, Room #171, at the Myrtle Beach International Airport is located in the baggage claim area. Although the lights are off, to conserve energy, the room is open and lights turn on when they sense movement. This space allows a safe and fun environment for kids to decompress with a caregiver while someone retrieves the baggage and rental car. If you have any issues or needs, the Airport Ambassadors are there to assist you or you can call 843-839-7372.

Myrtle Beach International Airport Quiet Room

The Autism Friendly training was very eye-opening and I appreciated learning about autism in such an open environment where no question went unanswered. Having this training to help understand what families with a child with autism go through is an important aspect for anyone working with the public.
- Julia Woehrer, Vacation Myrtle Beach

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