Surfside Beach Information

Currently, life guards begin guarding the beaches on Memorial Day Weekend.

Beach chairs and umbrellas can be reserved in advance and set-up at your location by calling Beach Services Limited at 843-602-8004.

Beach wheelchairs are available through the Town of Surfside Beach Police Department. They are on a first-come, first-served basis.  You must go to the Police Department at 811 Pine Drive with photo ID and fill out paperwork.  If you are staying within town limits, you can use the chair for up to 3 days.  If not, you can borrow the chair for one day.  The phone number for more information is 843-913-6368. If you are unable to transport the chair, the department will make arrangements to get it to you (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!).  #SurfsideROCKS

Surfside Beach manages storm waters via lakes and swashes that feed into the ocean.  At first, the four swashes may look like fun, safe places for your children to play, however, it is possible that there are bacteria in those waters. We’ve all played in them and lived to tell about, but it is prudent to not play in or swim near the swashes.

When we visited Myrtle Beach last month, we attended the sensory friendly screening of “Leap” and it was wonderful! I LOVE what CAN is doing and wish that we had a support system and program like this in my area! Thank you for all you do, Becky! God Bless You, your organization, volunteers, and your sponsors!
- Autumn Wise

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