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Champion Autism Network is working to create a world where all people living with autism CAN live, work, and play without judgment, guilt, or worry. 

For too many families living with autism, simple things like grocery shopping, going to the movies, attending an event, or taking a family vacation, are a struggle, if not impossible. For their family member with autism, the lights, sounds, smells, crowds, and unfamiliar surroundings can create overstimulation, overwhelm, and anxiety, which can lead to meltdowns.

When meltdowns happen in public, families are often met with more judgment than support, and the fun experience they were trying to have becomes frustrating. 

For many, it’s easier to just stay home. And their world shrinks. 

The good news is: at CAN, we are educating and empowering communities, businesses, and organizations to promote understanding around autism and to create supportive and judgement-free experiences for people living with autism.

Each day, through our signature CAN Card program, we connect families with our growing network of autism-supportive businesses and destinations who are trained and excited to welcome them! 

CAN is opening up a world of opportunities and we invite you to #ComePlayWithUs!

To everyone I meet whether they have an autistic child or not. We are always telling people about the organization and all they do.
- Adam & Shannon Ashe

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