July 8, 2024

Swirling by Becky Large


I’d like to know I’m not alone.

I call it swirling–whether it be when I’m on my computer with 5 email inboxes and 10 other tabs (at least) open.  From one screen to another, I’m composing email campaigns, posting on social media, accounting (YUK), fundraising, sensory friendly events scheduled and new ones on the horizon, budget review, board and committee meeting agendas, Email and US Mail correspondence.  My goal always being how to make people with autism and the businesses that have committed to them feel empowered, engaged and happy.

OR packing for or returning from a trip—

Wiping kitchen counters (regardless of location) only to have them cluttered with meds, snacks, drinks and who knows what else.

“What’s the weather?” they all ask

                  What should we pack?  

                  Writing lists for what they should pack

                  Planning ahead to do wash to fulfill The List.

                  Reviewing and confirming said list was followed.

And, oh my goodness, when you have to pack for 2 climates and changes in weather?  Don’t get me started.

Filling the gaps we’re fairly certain loved ones will need or want and not think to bring.


                  First aid kit (I know, right?)

Baseball caps

Thermos’ for coffee and water

Creature comforts

                  My slippers and throw blanket when the car is too cold

                  Everyones pillows

                  Neck pillows?

                  Chargers for the myriad electronics

Notes about schedules and tasks

Alerting outside family of departure and return

Reminding trip attendees about upcoming needs and schedules (weeks, days and hours in advance)

Remembering to address that text and/or email you temporarily forgot (get the laptop out of its bag and apologize to the team for the delay)

Me at least a couple of times (and I don’t have to be on a trip for this to happen)

Where’s my phone?  😀

Call my phone please

This is where my son says, “Boomer”  😀

Check-in.  Check-out.  ETA’s…

Putting sheets and towels in the washer.

Empty trash

                  Well, take the full bag out of the can and place it where we hope someone will trip over it and take it to the barrel.  J

Put clean bag in the trashcan

Does the AirBnB have towels and sheets?

And me packing?  My bag is the biggest.  Just like I make sure everyone will have what they need to feel as comfortable and “at home” as possible, I always overpack.  I need to have something for everything, including shoes and jewelry.  My 48-hour trip to Knoxville TN is a great example—for warmth—2 wraps, windbreaker (who knows it could rain) and sweatshirt, 3 dresses (2 for the car ride out and back), my slippers (fun in the car and our “home-away-from-home”) and 6 pairs of footwear.  And my primping products and toiletries.

My purse is stuffed to the gills with gum, playing cards (gotta keep the troops entertained), tissues, hairspray (most often used to primp prior to zoom meetings), the coffee thermos’ (keep me caffeinated), my purse, name tags, business cards (always an opportunity to network), blank paper and pens.

My laptop bag—

                  Plan ahead for when I won’t have internet access. 

Download files from the cloud.

Relish in this time.

I’d rather be overloaded than regret not bringing something, and that feeling of letting one of my tribe down.  One just never knows.

And I didn’t mention the machinations around meals (on the road and for where we are staying) that my husband handles.  That’s a story-unto itself!  MORE to come…

Similar to @Outdoor Boys on YouTube, there is thought and preparation to make sure there is yummy, hot, comfort food and drinks for everyone.  


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