June 29, 2023

Avoid Firework Fallout With These Tips

All families have different needs at different times but this upcoming weekend can be tough for a lot of people.  We wanted to share just a few tips and ideas with you while navigating this weekend with the sounds and lights of fireworks.    

Going to see a fireworks display may not be an option for your family but you can be prepared for the loud sounds and lights event when at home with sunglasses, a quiet room and possibly ear defenders as well.

If your family would like to attempt to see a fireworks display, there are some things that you can do ahead of time to get you and your child prepared.

  • Talk about where they are going, how they are going to get there, what they are going to see and hear and how they are going to get home.
  • Show them what a fireworks display is going to look and sound like by playing a movie or a clip from a fireworks show online.
  • Bring their favorite things with them along with some sunglasses and ear defenders.
  • Plan to watch the show from further away than the larger crowd.
  • Have an “escape plan” if things get too overwhelming to keep everyone safe.
  • Focus on having fun! Even if you are not able to get through the parties or fireworks displays, you can create your own traditions by using confetti, staying inside or in your own yard with a picnic and games.


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